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Vegan Meals Inspired by our well-travelled chefs

Vegan Meals Inspired by our well-travelled chefs

Looking for exciting and healthy vegan meals inspired by street food from around the world?

Look no further than Food Adventures! Our meals bring you authentic cuisine!

Inspired by the street food from every delicious corner of the world, we bring you an exciting and healthy range of Vegan meals that fit right into your busy life.  With Food Adventures, you can enjoy the delicious vegan recipes the locals eat in India, Jamaica, Morocco, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma, in your own home.  Our extensive research and development have identified a number of consumer lifestyle trends, that indicates the need of today’s consumers.

And based on these insights we have tried to develop an engaging experience, moments of discovery and delight that enhance their day; this also includes health & well-being, eating, drinking and living to feel better every day.  Secret Recipes, a family-owned food company based out of Cork, Ireland is using all these valuable points to develop a wide and exciting range of vegan meals, called "Food Adventures."

Food Adventures is an Irish company working towards developing world-class ready-to-eat food solutions for both retail and food service sectors in the region of Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). The company owns and operates its own 15,000 sq/ft production kitchen in Cork, Ireland.  The kitchen is BRC accredited.

Its team is comprised of well-skilled and well-travelled chefs who have developed some of the most modern, interesting and tasty meals to hit the high street in years. With consumer trends ever-changing, people travelling more and experiencing new food, the team at Food Adventures has developed a range of premier prepared vegan meals, which includes:

  • Snackpots
  • Ready Meals
  • Tray Meal
  • Soups

Our Philosophy

Our kitchen as a point of principle cooks in small batches. As we try to preserve great quality and ensure its validity in every batch we prepare. Our kitchen is also verified under the Origin Green program to support sustainability. Our Vegan is certified by the Vegan Society and a substantial percentage of our food range is also gluten-free.

While our main focus is in retail we also support companies in the food service industry with single and multi-portion packs.
In the past few years, our kitchen and team of well-travelled chefs have won a number of national awards

  • 3 Great Taste Awards
  • 2 Free From Awards
  • 8 Blas na hEireann Awards
  • 3 Singapore Food Awards

Enjoy exploring our website and try our range.

all in convenient ready-to-eat packages. Our expert chefs use their extensive research and development to identify consumer lifestyle trends and create an engaging experience that enhances your day. Plus, our meals are perfect for busy people who want to eat well and feel great. Based in Cork, Ireland, Food Adventures is a family-owned company with a 15,000 sq/ft production kitchen that's BRC accredited. Try our premier prepared vegan meals today and taste the difference!

Food Adventures

Food Adventures

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